Guest Comic: Shipp


Wilson: This is an awesome guest strip I received from the awesome
Shipp. It was supposed to go up after the chapter was over but since I haven't worked on that yet, here it is!


OnlyFoolsAndVikings: HAH!
Kiybgecz: IT'S BACK!
Shipp: So this means you haven't given up on it then, right? ...Right?

Also Third Degree is a Terrible comic to link straight from this one, lol. Perhaps just my profile page?
Wilson: @Shipp: Oh shut up Shipp, I like Third Degree. And the status of this comic will be explained the next page.
Kyo: so, never?
Wilson: @Kyo: Go to hell Kyo
AFStaff: (That means yes)
Jay B.: Wilson, I was just wondering if you are ever going to come back to this comic. I understand if you just haven't had the time to post more strips, but I'd just like to know if you are ever going to continue with the story. I really like what you've done so far.
Ripe: I love the layout pic! ><
the1truesushiboy: This comic is still on my list of webcomics I check for updates.
hrwilliams: Pretty good stuff, yo. And I'm not even into Pokemon.
bata yaro: >///< its sooo kawaii!! i want one just like it!! my friend told me to read this. .____. whens the next update?! i want more cute pokemon!!!
BohemicDreams: Yeah ok I'm crying now that it's over